Sunday, October 12, 2008

new for october!

silkbox gives a whole new look to the bomber jacket!
it's fit for an evening out over
ido's little black dress with attitude!

ido's little black dress revealed!

Now we're talking layering!
kim bernardine brings us an amazing felted gem of a hat from paris!
lauren vidal brings even more from france with a super long/fun round scarf
and great sweater tunic while
neesh sent us fabulous organza tunic for layering from chicago!
hanna makes everything work with a darling bubble skirt and
cutloose ties it all together with a little striped teeshirt!

layering layerubg layering from another view!

from the wilds of minnesota does dupioni silk like no one else in a great little jacket.
nataya works magic on a skirt with layers of net and embroidery.
add a great silk scarf and stirrup leggings, and girlfriend you are good to go!

gives us the perfect little red jacket from new york
nathalie seaver answers back with a great retro woven skirt
this is some fun!!! no kidding!

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