Thursday, April 22, 2010

april into may at sandylew

the sensational scarves from France
are back! these are the ones that do
super tricks!

stripes from comfy, stretchy linen
ART pants and espadrilles make
spring and summer super!

great salaam print swing jacket over
the newest color of denim leggings-
teal/green!!(for some real fun!)

how about this for a party?! red
is ALWAYS in style!

layering brought to new heights!
lauren vidal, press and heteroclite-
mixing and matching the styles
of europe and north america!

dzhavael mixes a little color into
a great travel dress!

salaam jacket, heteroclite "floater"
and a heydari tunic make dressing
so easy!

and for really easy good looks-
petit pois gives us an orange chemise
topped by comfy's oh-so-chic
striped duster!

ART gives us a reason to find a party
with this eyelet dancing dress.

all french, all heteroclite--all
so elegant!

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