Friday, July 2, 2010

new in july!

sandy soaks up the sun and the seine!
woohoo! paris in may with the fam!!!!

perfectly put together for hot
weather! ART criss-cross back
sundress and the amazing
"my sister's art" rubber gasket

there's that great back!

lan vie makes hot weather easy
by giving us this delightful, slightly
stretchy look!

a little summer color! ART and
salaam team up!

the best swing jacket ever from
staples--easy and cool to the
touch! over sunlight's fun and
nutty perfect summer weight pant!

ART cami makes for fun in the sun
while this pete and greta snap
cotton top makes every summer
evening a breeze! equestrian debuts
a new, capri look with a rouched
back hem!!

pete and greta again! all cotton takes
on a grey with taupe hemline that
will make the summer sweet!

ooolala! here are the truly fun
fakes channeling chanel!!!!(It's
bling in one neckpiece!)

babette for any occasion-vibrant
and curvy!

nutty petit pois jean top in mesh!
we're talking trompe l'oiel here!
lundstrom makes capris that turn
up striped for the random factor!

crea jumpsuit feels so good to
touch!And there is a lovely linen
"floater" nearby for arm warmth
and cover.

stripes-with a net underslip--
showing us layering made simple
by staples! And little journeys
provides dotty fun in a pima
cotton summer scarf

scrunchy lan vie makes such an
easy to wear top/light jacket.
over decca's VERY fun laser cut
stretchy capri pant

from france- decca shows us some
fun and style-dress? vest? totally
user friendly!

cowl necks are the best! petit pois
shows us how to maximize style
and print in great mesh like this.
over the impeccable babette
memory fabric "go everywhere"

layer layer layer!!! fun fun fun!!!
special to sandylew from local
designers, atelier verdigris--the
BEST polka dot mesh ! Here it is
over pete & greta's 100% cotton
tunic and under a very fun black
and grey shrug.

sophie brings us color and stripes
and vitamin brings us that
beautiful structure in shirting.

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