Tuesday, November 23, 2010

goodbye november-hello december!

the hat is leaving the house!
fond farewells to the november
2010 hat window!

welcome to the festive december\
window--red/recycle/ready for winter
at sandylew!

new-to-us designer from california,
dinah lee, brings these lovely
shrugs-here in a gorgeous teal that
will brighten up our greys and blacks
now and anytime all year!the nifty
sleeveless from french designer mado
drapes exactly the way we love!

from our friend, brigitte of nyc, the
usual, unbelievably unusual and
beautiful simple jacket out of
this stunning fabric!

vitamin brings devilish dupioni silk
in a great body and stunning color!

blanque's versatile top works with
out atelier verdigris tulle and will
perform equally over jeans from
your closet!and check out the bling
necklace from john wind maximal
art--turns over to reveal a mirror!

jewel T's striped shirt gets dressy
here with the organdy "floater" and
another day will get casual with jeans.
great for travel, great for fun!

dang! we are full of light and fun and rings and
gloves and glasshearts and leather wallets--
ready for gift giving for our pals and for ourselves!

fingerless gloves from chicago designer, neesh
really warm, really soft, really perfect!

super socks! knee highs-thigh highs-
even subway socks!

fingerless gloves from belgium, from
california,from new york-all points

and do we have hats!

here are hats from belgium--caps from local
designer the green hatter-total repurposing
of cashmere and wool!

O.K.S. from europe makes a new coat
more fun than ever!

there is nothing as swell as long fiber
cashmere-here from zoe couture
in the perfect poncho!

ooh lala! petit pois(miami) does a delightful
top over our friend ulf andersson's
(los angeles) flirty flouncy bias cut
skirt! and don't miss the mad hatter's
cap up there!

bryn walker(california) makes stripes comfy!
here over some oh-so-wearable
sunlight(france) pants.check out the
"zip bling" necklace-fabulous!!!

kial ( ohio) brings us this totally
updated buffalo plaid in fleece!

and sandy has been working at the studio!

really working!semi precious beads and all
sterling silver-necklaces and earrings for color
and for sophisticated fun!

xiaoyan lin (berkeley) gives us this
versatile wool vest-warm and
stylish--what a combination!

while tough to see in our pic-this very
subtly detailed skirt from babette
sits with great self assurance under the
babette jacket --all made our brand of
crazy with the "my sister's art" rubber
neck piece--over the top and over the

so much style from japan all day!
nuno cut work scarf,moyuru wool
vest and skirt--paired with the
LYM(berlin)print mesh turtleneck

ms. mannigar loves the chanel
knock-off pearls, not to mention
lauren vidal(france) scarf,
petit pois(florida) scrunchy
shirt and lauren vidal jumper!

seattle designer itemz shows us
function and style with this retro jacket
perfectly perched over a.d.c.(france)
pants with stylish drape-and showing so
much shine you cannot see- the
rhinestone pendant from john wind is

moyuru (japan) makes easy an article of
clothing! this dress/coat/sweater/jacket
piece works! (sandy has one!) and check
out the nicely nutty leggings-mesh print
from franck anna (france)

niche (texas) top over moyuru (japan)
skirt--both cotton/lycra-easy good
looks achieved!

hanna (los angeles) does her fun
with a beautiful fabric!(you can see
those john wind rhinestones here!)

aventure des toiles (france)gives
us the convergence of art and style
in this simply lovely dress!

and here is fun tailored for the streets
of seattle-new york-paris-berlin-
everywhere! a.d.c. (france) and
petit pois (miami) join forces to make
us ready for any city!!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

novemeber is big time at sandylew!!!

here's sandy all fired up with a new
grrdog necklace! ready for the big
29th anniversary day at sandylew
friday, novemeber 19th!!(that's
onyx,coral and sterling silver she's

and here is the amazing corrina in
one of the adorable new handmade
wool hats from belgium! every one
is truly fun and wearable!!~!!