Monday, April 4, 2011

drifting colorfully in april!

april evening window at sandylew!
cray color driftwood! drifting
happily into spring!

nifty knit from italy's oblique! and
the perfect little all occasion
evening bag!

oblique gives asymmetry a lovely
linen and knit touch!

thank you ulf andersson for this
oh-so-nifty georgette red print

bng sends us the best from turkey!
perfect weight knit top over a
feather light techno fabric skirt.

that bng skirt again -this time with a
coordinating blouse-y top!

hard to see, but this new moyuru
is a great striped knit dress!

how about this nutty little bird in
the cage necklace?! and the neck-
watch with it?!

moyuru does the vest thing like
none other! and see the skinny
leg stretchy pants under?

crea is so lovely here--a delicate
knit for everything spring!

and crea again--cream this time ,
the perfect top to float through
the season!

from israel-anna perena is always
so edgy and interesting!

moyuru gives the jumper a great
dye washed look in cotton- with
it's own swell scarf!

and hats? and scarves? we have
some that will knock your socks
off girlfriend!

a little hard to see here, this
strikingly sophisticated look in
beautiful crepe is amazing on the

cotton top!lauren vidal goes striped!

all french--all fun! deca and
lauren vidal team up here!

subtly asymmetric, this italian
knit dress is sooo special!

deca goes red with rainbow under!
how fun with this kathleen tucci
rubber necklace!

mado from france knows how to make
casual absolutely fab!

and again from turkey! bng completely
surprises! here a 2 piece coat!
i wear this as a sleeveless dress or
a 2 part coat!

on the right from frau blau-is it a
dress? pants?--both for sure!
and there it is--the best little
olive dress ever from linea