Friday, June 17, 2011

the pattern of june is framed for fun!

our june window at night! deca short
dress and colorful 1/2 skirt layered
right under!see the frame! see the
patterns of summer!!

fun color! fun parisienne looks of
and from france-deca

nataya's great mesh look in a very
yummy grey blue-over deca's
amazing grey/grape colored
dress cum layer cum slip!

deca's white cotton tunic over our own
white/blue polka dot floater!!!!!

wow! deca again with a longer, dress
ready for every summer occasion!

here's that window look--deca tunic
with the darling mesh skirt under-
the colors are really a cool red/blu/
grey/lt grey paleete-not as muted as
it looks here

charity and corrina sporting our new
sunglasses!look out paparazzi!

onigo(canada) sunny hat over the
crazy dot shirt from square dot (berkeley)
and (you can hardly see them) amazing crop
travel pants from dzhavael(ny)

square dot again--with the most
wonderful italian pinstripe grey
cotton shirt ever!

gr.dano(sausalito)'s super sunny tee-
with attitude over the fabulous moyuru
perfectly draped pant

brand new for sandylew-from
the ukraine a vest with immense
attitude and fun-over our own
dot mesh sleeved tee and the
wonderful slim equestrian pant
in an all new color!

dzhavael makes stripes for summer
in a great tunic/shirt look!

and from the window-deca! this one
is the perfect summer tunic!

the ever so versatile vest cum dress
for now for later for-ever! from
dzhavael (new york)

and did you know this is a lucky,
happy summer?! grrdog gives us
both in a great little necklace-
pink jade/bone/black onyx and
sterling silver

ready or not-the amazing red trench
(the best red-not as vibrant in this photo)
in gabardine-perfect!

nataya in a lovely shade of grey/
lavendar-perfect ensemble for
a special moment!

can yo see the amazing patch-y pleating
achieved here by babette?!the warm grey
vest over petit pois' chartreuse
tee and then the oh-so-sophisticated

here's that amazing pleating up close!

and we do love ombre! deca does it so well
here! cool ruffle dress (sleeveless)
and perfect cardi over--the
french do know how to do it right!!

sunny summer sunglasses-that frame us
perfectly--now that is the essence of sandylew

check out the fake tattoo armeroo-thing-ies!!!
ok-nutty--ok funny--ok!!!!

summer scarves make frame us in summer color!

and hats? bring 'em on! try 'em on!

and more scarves to frame us in sunny summer!

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