Tuesday, August 23, 2011

fall is in the house at sandylew!

corrina and sandy sporting two of
the amazing bobkova (our new and
favorite russian designer!) hats!
come meet the designer saturday-

bobkova soft/fabulous sweater over
new lauren vidal (france) techno pant!

lauren vidal knit dress-amazing to
look at and amazing to wear!!

layering is the easiest to achieve
with lauren vidal,deca(france)
and onlyhearts (usa!)--
all working together to make
getting dressed fun!

linnea domani (canada) with a fab
laser cut duster over sophie finzi's
(new york) oh-so-versatile tank top
and of course, our own perfect tulle skirt!

beautiful becca in a sweater dress
that is perfection! (and kind of sizzling hot!)
from left on houston(usa)-right
next to the outrageously wonderful
xenia(croatia) top/belt/skirt decoration

again linnea domani--this time over
the best draping pants ever!
(lauren vidal)

see the drape? amazing!!!!

close up with the xenia look--
this is fun/edgey/totally wonderful!

anac (usa) is back! great top over
petit pois(miami) perfect skirt!

again with the great xenia belt--
this time over r.browning's(l.a.) ever
so wearable tank dress and a
truly fun mesh skirt from veeca.

another bobkova sweater look-so
fine-so cool! over layers of lauren

left on houston sweater vest makes
life more interesting over the great
fitting weston wear (usa) dress.

bobkova does deconstruction best!
this beautiful blouse is so fine in
every way! over petit pois and our
own colorful "floater"!

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