Wednesday, March 7, 2012

early spring looks at sandylew!

gorgeous japanese fabric done oh so
simply in a casual jacket from
brigitte nyc-and the best ever polka
dot mesh layered skirt from
myrine and me(belgium)-that tunic
skimming over the skirt is from bng
(turkey) and is the quality of fabric
for which bng is known! that nutty
coral/sterling/mesh pendant is
from sandy!

crunchy, luscious spring coat from
bng (turkey)-great style!
the nuttiest dress ever! timeless
techno fabric makes this bng
dress drape beautifully!
and the back of this dress-wonderful
and a satisfying puzzle to wear!

and the side view!
myrine and me(belgium)on the left
with a fun,sunny layered dress-
and in blue and white our beloved
lan vie makes dressing more fun
as usual with her take on a sunny
new to sandylew from german
designer anett rostiel-the line is called
rosfrei-and it is amazing! here is
the little vest/ shrug-incredible japanese
fabric-perfect for every moment of the
year! the vee neck mesh under
is one of our great petit pois
mesh tops.
the long view of that shrug-and now
you see the stunning pants from
moloko (france)-these are diagonally
pleated and have a pleated fan detail
at the hem's backside!

our drop dead darling corrina in
a brand new look from the guys
at dzhavael (russia/china/nyc
and israel!)
corrina in a taffeta look from
moloko (france) great for day to
another look from moloko (france)
great shape and truly beautiful
that dress close up--the fabric is
another look from moloko-
from the back-so cute!
and from the front a knockout!
color of the season! aventures d'etoiles
knocks it out of the park with this
lightweight coat for this and every
brigitte nyc with a beautiful
tapestry-esque black and white
jacket-over the most heavenly
techno fabric pant look from
heide ost (germany)
crea (france) sweater-the best!
over (and this is hard to see) a
darling white/taupe striped
skirt from heide ost(gremany)
lighting makes it difficult to see-this
crea sweater over a crea tunic-both
are in a stunning navy blue knit.
heide ost (germany) does the best
polka dot shrug! over a techno bng
sleeveless dress! for travel, for any time!
like a painting-this incredible look
from brigitte nyc makes every
occasion special!
and really hot with a narrow navy
techno stretch pant from our
good friends at equestrian!
showstopper alert! this from bng
(turkey) great with the transparente
(germany) necklace!
that moloko sunny dress up close
dressy and sophisticated-this
myrine and me (belgium) will work
with ease for many special times!
mado(france) -looks grey here,
it is really a loveky blue/grey.
and mossy olive green from bng-
always fun, never like anyone else!

linnea domani (canada) takes black
and white to new levels with this
great print.

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