Tuesday, June 12, 2012

june and just back from istanbul!

sandy has a moment as a sultana in the amazing
cistern in istanbul!
happy in istanbul!
happy in seattle!
and here from that wonderful istanbul
moment--an incredible mid weight techno
short jacket--in BNG's favorite color-bitter.
over the softest linen pant ever from
australia's bananna blue

on the left-a lightweight cotton scarf to
celebrate this place we call home! the
scarf is worn over a fabulous white
striped lauren vidal from france.
on the right-new york's mina mann
makes everything worthy of major party
time with her handsewn silk organza

while it looks grey in my photo,
this great weight tank from kensie is a
very hard to grasp, beautiful slate blue-
perfect over the textured skirt from bohemia
(not grey either-a sweet soft aqua!) 
 just a little sample of the fun a girl can
have with scarves at sandylew right now!
 summer can be hot and we can meet
the challenge!
here is mc planet's (france)
adjustable assymetric top
over ronen chen's gorgeous soft slightly
bubbly skirt (israel)
 orange poppies from the pike place market!
and continuing right along for summer-
sandylew has fab sunglasses,crazy "shirting"
scarves from vienna and local hand knit scarves too!
 more of the nutty viennese"shirting"
scarf action over great looks from
comfy and escaladya 
 dear lan vie (california) makes the
vest and skirt in the lightest, easiest
fabric ever! and so great over the
 petit pois (florida) urban print mesh 
 staples (los angeles) makes life easy amd
good looking with this tank and shrug over
anna perena's gorgeous tall girl pant!
 the pentultimate little summer dress from
our fav-vitamin of minnesota makes
this gorgeous cotton stand up collar shirt with
good pockets and a user friendly back pleat!
over the aventure des toiles pant that is
absolute perfection