Sunday, August 4, 2013

sandylew is just beginning to think about fall--without forgetting summer's lovely warm days !

fun for the transition to fall!
polka dot memory creased fabric in a great
transitional piece from sun kim (los angeles)
over a comfy (los angeles) crinkle mesh dress
and fun for these hot summer days!
stripes of yellow and white from paris
over white capris from paris too!

 christopher calvin (chicago)
makes summer easy and fun with this
truly a sherbert green-brighter than
this photo!
sun kim (los angeles) makes a great
chic statement here!
polka dots - tone on tone in a 
taffeta memory fabric-new this season
for sure!
check out this amazing paper necklace made
just outside of granada, spain! 
comfy (los angeles) shirt
this wonderfully crazy knit skirt
from noblu (san francisco)
perfectly purple!
from kollontai (canada)
a dress for day/night
the every occasion little summer dress!
a great retro print from loco lindo (california)
in a rayon crepe
over the fabulous (sandy has this in black)
tina's stretchy red skirt
super fun stripes from salaam(vermaont)
the easiest look in twill techno fabric
from our good friends at
equestrian (santa barbars)
everything gets edgy and interesting
thanks to these totally wearable tattoos
wild rose (canada)
we all need a look we can count on !
use for day to night!
sheer stripes (grace chuang-new york)
over schrunchy stripes (comfy californina)
easy ruched leggings (lan vie - californina)

luxe knit stripes and dots from crea (france)
over the softest jersey skirt with fun dot detail (vienna,austria)

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