Monday, September 30, 2013

coats capture the season at sandylew

fall arrived this weekend!
wind and rain and calling for fabulous fall coats 
sandy is so excited for you to see and try
these and all of the great looks
from the usa and worldwide

banana blue -australia
very water resistant! lightweight polyfill!
heavenly hood in the collar!
staples-los angeles
tweed/jersey zipper hoodie
looking good on the street and on the go!
a sleek diagonally buttoned truly urban coat!
lunch/ballet/dinner/theatre--this is the coat!
heart-the netherlands
best boiled wool long look for everyday and night!
see that crazy long hoodie coming to the front?
fun fun fun!
short/sweet/super easy!
this  works for everyone!
moonlight-los angeles
lightweight and easy-the best to go over everything!
sun kim-los angeles
darling/water repellent taffeta!
look like the chic woman you are every day!
sun kim -los angeles
the easiest, olive taffeta jacket ever!
very water repellent and very chic
for all of us women on the go!
great design and great to wear!
always chic, a designer with great lines
gershon bram-israel
short/yummy to wear!
sandy wears it every day now that the weather 
changed to fall!
moonlight-los angeles
handsome/elegant and easy sister!
sun kim-los angeles
that same taffeta jacket in grey!
and there you have just some of the amazing 
looks for fall here at sandylew 
in coats and jackets

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