Tuesday, February 18, 2014

it's a beautiful black and white moment for early spring at sandylew!

sophi finzi (new york) with new travel perfect\fabric
in black and white
a little black and white dress!
and another black and white look!
architectural lace over a black tank
vitamin (minnesota)
the best cotton print
topograpically speaking!
here's that topographical print a little closer!
black and white checks from vitamin!
so chic the crop pant
 from equestrian (santa barbara)
the amazing sister team at planet (florida)
narrow stripes in black and white!
and a little color for good measure!
taupe layering fun from comfy (los angeles)
leggings from deca (france)
very cool elvis laskin top (usa)
elvis is the designer's cat!
the new menswear check from sunkim (los angeles)
perfect for travel every season
the modern coat dress!
and did we say layering before?
here is layering for the complete individuated look!
all comfy all day!
from germany transparente rocks the
easy spring cotton sweater!
again-equestrian nails the crop pant!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

the beginning of spring has sprung at sandylew!!!!!

great jersey and soft linen from italy!
inizio makes turning to spring looks so easy!

gorgeous little white dotted chiffon
and an easy techno fabric skirt from staples
all made by a wonderful family
 in los angeles!

our first season with american made
great weight linen in vibrant colors!
over our favorite lior slim crop pant from france

more fenini
coral and navy linen for spring!

redwood court is beautiful this season!
silk and jersey dark teal cap sleeve dress
warm taupe silk long sleeve top
easy to dress up or down!

more redwood court!
the best in lightweight silk!
gorgeous drape, perfect for that ocean cruise!

out favorite xenia from croatia
 knocks fashion out of the park!
black and white ponte weight jersey 
easy and chic

our dear sophie finzi all made in new york
she's got the perfect easy drape and fit !

comfy (los angeles) gives shirting a little twist
so easy, so wearable!
over deca (france) techno leggings we love

this planet top (florida)is a very cool
tiny pierced sueded microfiber!
  and the lior pant (france) is the 
most  fun print techno fabric ever!!!!

planet boyfriend grey and white stripe shirt
over techno cropped deca pant
florida over france!

black works for spring for sure!
planet top and  deca pant
florida and france again!

from los angeles-lvr french terry top
over our favorite french deca pant

lvr french terry jacket -easy and elegant
and that great french deca pant!

very cool and colorful mystree  top
a great ronen chen skirt 
china and israel combine peacefully at sandylew!

sun kim  has a brand new fabric!
an incredible black and grey menswear check
 in their incomparable memory fabric!
here it is in a truly cool big pocket spring coat!
all from los angeles!

sun kim bigger checks!
easiest shirt-light jacket ever!

sun kim's amazing tunic-new fabric for spring!

we love this tranparente top from germany
paired with a ronen chen skirt from israel
international accord in an outfit!

black and white make spring sassy!
transparente top and ronen chen skirt
truly fashionable diplomacy!

this striped transparente sweater has so much style!
and the planet dress has great lines too!

this planet top has the greatest slouch
over this mesh print deca skirt
florida and france team up again!

the best from xenia design
this taffeta and jersey dress from croatia
is breathtaking, beautiful and blue!

quitessential xenia design!
good looking and so easy to wear!

all white all cotton
all a little deconstructed
is amazing!

tatter-y white cotton and black jersey!
so fun so fabulous!

gershom bram from israel
the master of the best drape 
and the best combination of mesh and 
techno jersey ever!