Tuesday, March 25, 2014

sandylew awash in spring!!!!

avivit yihzar from israel
cool to blue and cool to spring
fab fabric tunic top
chiffon french deca skirt
summer fun tattoo leggings from canada
bitte kai rand -handpainted linen from the netherlands
super easy pinstripe linen pants from spirihouse (los angeles)
japanese influenced,german made
umasan--incredibly forward and edgey and amazing tunic
totally complemented by
jianhui (london) all hand crocheted
jianhu's (london) "snood" up close
unbelievably beautiful
sandy hand carried jianhui's pieces home from new york
bitte kai rand
chic for work
chic for travel
show stopping cool for spring
perfectly paired with italian resin
moyuru is in the house
from japan, this beloved line comes through 
this spring looks are the best
bitte kai rand in a unique graffitti print
feels like silk yet made of breathable viscose
just for fun-dotted mesh comfy layer underneath
this look from spirithouse-california
defining chic for every occasion-
amazing textural fabric
how wonderful to look this put together
so easily
who knew cartooning would be so chic?
for lots of fun, i.c. collection cartoon jacket
and  the perfect sophie finzi stripe tank
equestrian crop pant
and to top it all off?
two really fun italian resin necklaces
we're talking ready for the world here
sandy loves print on print
top crane print from french designer
la fee maraboutee
and great pant look from lior
layers can be so much fun!
navy and white make for perfect layering partners
all from comfy usa
cool ruched modal crop pant
striped crinkle tunic
nutty doted mesh "popover"
from marseilles, france
new to sandylew
best blues in great textures
lithuania meet california!!!!!
grizas silk tunic cover equestrian stetchy print pant
all crinkly all day~easy easy easy!!!!
lauren vidal (france) in print tunic and solid skirt
blue and white hits the high note!
silk banana blue (australia) hi/lo tunic
mado (france) white crochet sweater
and that same banana blue hi/lo tunic in orange!!!!
la fee maraboutee fun silk print shirt
the best crystal necklace ever
so easy to look so good
and as usual
sandy selects the most fun ever
sun glasses

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