Monday, April 28, 2014

sandylew captures spring !

completely elegant in this
ombre look!
(made in florida)
all put together for spring!
comfy mesh polka dot top over comfy crinkled jumper
sleevey wonders and wild rose tattoo leggings
factor fun right in!
(all from the usa)
the season's must have black and white
from transparente (germany)
 copper/rubber necklace from grrdog metalworks
(that's sandy's own studio!)
a vest from lindi-a punch of yellow from banana blue
italian resin necklace--all set for spring color!
six degrees
yup! not even six degrees between you 
and the easiest beach/lunch/party look!
work the look!
comfy shrug (los angeles)
la fee maraboutee skirt(france)
anue ligne tank (florida)
ada necklace (argentina)
a united nations moment at sandylew1
australia's banana blue
sophisticated linen makes spring easy
comfy vest
 krazy larry pants
waaaay comfortable and  waaaay cool!
stripe and print together makes magic!
japanese drape
japanese hand dyed
japanese sophistication
sandy's favorite sophie top
sandy's favorite tees by tina skirt
sandy's favorite comfy leggings
favorites are good!
from israel avivit shows us how beautiful a tunic can be
 from the netherlands heart shows us how fun a skirt can be!
all together at sandylew!
this beautiful spirithouse linen vest is perfectly made in los angeles
and from santa barbara the equestrian summer crop pant 
is the perfect pairing!
staples' chiffon over comfy modal tee
make for happy times with krazy larry pants!
all made in the usa-los angeles and manhattan!
spirithouse all day!
beautiful soft mesh over fabulous fitting linen pants
all made with incredible care by spirithouse in los angeles!

Friday, April 11, 2014

eyeing spring with hearty good looks!

heart from the netherlands
great summer dress and fabulous petticoat
 for for fun for every concert or event!

the super nice & super talented ny77 team
creates a vest with extraordinary flair !
coupled with sophie finzi's great tank dress
another easy breezy dress from heart
a major bling necklace for fine tuning!
banana blue (australia) goes deliciously orange!
 deca (france) chimes in with a delicious chiffon skirt
ada (argentina)wraps it up with our favorite belt!
perfection from moyuru (japan)-very light linen plaid tunic
underscored with a  tees by tina skirt (we all have 'em!)
 wild rose tattoo leggings bring the look into perfect focus!
classic summer plaid linen dress from banana blue (australia)
travel easy, travel smart!
chic and colorful top and cardi from alembika (israel)
 clod and yonathan (israel) adds a fun, sassy skirt!
this banana blue top looks chartreuse-
but no way--it is a fabulous, vibrant yellow!
with a great jacquard textured skirt to complement~
our french designer~mado
 gives spring just the right touch of color and print!
italian resin translucent graduated necklace ~ yummy!
heart(dutch)felt faces dress
cotton fisherman net top from hailey: 23
chic, edgy, easy!
cool black lace dress from heart (dutch)
for skipping right through spring !
a beautiful silk burn out cardi from our lithuanian designers at grizas~
paired with maryland's lee andersen's great crinkly tank dress
and for a little fun-a beautiful ombre resin necklace from italy!
let's talk caftan!
let's talk resort chic!
gershon braum (israel)
polka dots from comfy (los angeles)
tank from sophie finzi (new york)
pants from alembika (israel)
bi-coastal~intercontinental and gorgeous!
perfectly textured
perfectly shaped
in navy
israel's ronen chen is perfectly wearable!
looking to look good this season?
ronen chen!
m2 from los angeles
 and krazy larry from manhattan
and ready for the world!
mado prints perfect for fun
 art does color for perfection!
france and italy meet!
although art is a dutch company, all of their pants are made in italy
just the right look !
all cotton tulip top from maryland 
(and produced in their safe and sound factory in india)
art pant and resin necklace form italy 
lindi vest hailey :23 top lindi skirt
fun , easy
day to evening
anywhere, everywhere!
a darling little cotton sweater from mado 
and the best chiffon print skirt from la fee maraboutee
all french all fun!
israel meets santa barbara!
alembika and equestrian!
everyone loves hot pink!
france and santa barbara!
la fee maraboutee and equestrian!
perfect pairing!
go blue!
go everywhere!
mado(israel) makes it possible!
alembika (israel)
top to bottom!
fabulous fun for you and for me!
sandy's current favorite moyuru look!
comfortably chic pant from lior 
banana blue (australia)
very chic
very unique
very wearble!
aventure des toiles (france) lined mesh print top
  art (italian made) famous triangle pant in a pin stripe
this is an outfit made for travel!