Wednesday, May 28, 2014

get ready for summer at sandylew!

just in!
great cotton dot tunic from yea
our favorite lior slim crop pant

layering the summer way!
arms covered so easily by sleevey wonders
super light tunic from yea
crazy fun tattoo leggings from wild rose

cool summer cotton tunic from tulip
floats over
comfy and deca mesh layering pieces

more layering to make a look you own!
hail3y:23 white cardi floats ever so  lightly
spirithouse stripe tank tunic
la fee maraboutee chiffon print skirt
sandy loves
stripe and print together!

great texture!
niche long top 
tulip cotton pant

as usual-not at all usual!
ronen chen chiffon
floats the best summer looks!
here in the beautiful chiffon long tank dress
(sleevey wonders helps too!)

texture and plaid!
a great chance to mix it up for summer!
niche top over yea skirt

xenia is so luxe
complimented by comfy shrug & leggings

red beans and rice mesh shrug makes it all work!
over comfy stripe tee
lior crop slim pant

back by popular demand!
damee's darling little mesh dot cardi
equestrian skirt
and under there?
sandy's favorite tank top from sophie finzi!

belt that!
our wonderful ada belt 
around a comfy plaid top
topped by
jianhui's amazing necklace/scarf

make summer easy and comfortable!
moyuru linen top
staples cotton pant

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

ready for sunny spring days at sandylew!

make a statement in this amazing xenia dress!
from croatia with perfect construction 
and purposeful ragged edges!
orange white and blue  linen
topped by silk!
all from australia's banana blue
spring gets more interesting every day at sandylew!
tulip linen tunic over heart crinoline skirt
sophisticated and easy
niche (made in texas) stripe dress
(best pockets!)
niche (texas) nifty top
art (italy) perfect pant
looking totally at ease with the change to warmer weather
comfy (los angeles) sundress
staples (los angeles) mesh top
these two wonderful family owned
design houses are two of sandy's favorites!
from head to toe:
ada (argentina) necklace
 mado (france) sweater
hail3y23 (usa) striped tee
flutter and squeak (seattle) striped skirt
doing the intercontinental thing at sandylew!
layering to the best level!
mesh cardi-aventures des toiles (france)
white scrunchy slip dress - comfy (usa)
green long scrunchy jumper - comfy (usa)
more from mado (france)-beautiful chiffon scrunchy top
and banana blue (australia)-hi-lo silk jumper and cotton slip
sandylew welcomes color for spring for sure!
christopher calvin (chicago)-smart linen long button front top
art (italy)-fabulous light olive stretch-y pant
another opportunity for layering fun!
beautiful knit combination white top from greece--ioanna korbella
beautiful jeans from france-lauren vidal
it's a wrap from croatia ! architectural and sophisticated!
over comfy tunic and staples pant
both los angeles
blue silk for summer from banana blue (australia)
the iconic art (italy) triangle pant in a light colored pin stripe
sandy's personal favorite!
combine dots and stripes--happy every time!
comfy scarf and leggings
spirithouse white on white pinstripe shirt
tees by tina skirt
all american- all for fun!

from london's jianhui--most beautiful hand crocheted "snood"
a necklace/scarf - amazing, dramatic and gorgeous!
perfect over
tulip top and flutter and squeak skirt
dots over stripes !
this season's best  quirky design!
a wrap over, tuck under one piece garment
engineered to perfection from
ioanna korbella--greece
more nutty architecture from ioanna korbella-
a knit tunic/dress-arms attached to sides!
a little mesh from blue blue (korea)
the amazing, beloved tattoo leggings from wild rose (canada)
jianhui's crystal crocheted necklace
transparente's red vest
staples' mesh top
tees by tina's skirt
a delicious, easy mix!