Thursday, June 12, 2014

the promise of summer is realized at sandylew!

totally summer from ryu 
the best tattoo leggings from wild rose

easy cotton from iridium
and a great stretch pant from our 
body friendly french lior pant

orange, silk  and delicious from banana blue
print chiffon sassy skirt from la fee maraboutee
looking good has never been so easy!
iridium cotton shirt
 comfy harem-esque pant

amazing taffeta top from xenia
petit pois mesh tank skimmer
 yea plaid bubble skirt
making a statement can be so simple!

a little blue for summer is sunny!
cotton sweater-moyuru 
silk shirt-banana blue
jacquard skirt-banana blue

fabulous cotton drama in this ioanna kourbela vest
perfectly paired with a comfy modal jumper

elegant sophistication from vanite couture

a little deca lace-ish tank
the most versatile black tank/slip/lace hem 
thing ever!
sophie finzi makes travel so easy!

rock it girlfriend!
weston wear makes all possible 
in this amazing mesh dress!

staples all the way!
the perfect chiffon tee 
a dotty tiered dress!
german design shows off in this great transparent nacklace

a little print summer top from weston wear
the easiest , sassy black skirt from  deca

transparente shirt
vanite couture pant
quite the sophisticated look for summer!

the greeks and australians understand looking good in warm places!
ioanna korbela cotton / silk ever so light sweater
over banana blue textured linen pants

easily the most fun and dramatic look ever
gershon braum
dress and sassy leggings!

linen made sophistcated
linen made easy

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