Wednesday, July 2, 2014

seattle summer ready!
petit pois (florida)mesh
skims over great neesh (chicago)cotton top
incredibly lightweight krazy larry (new york) seersucker pant

attitude for summer!
red beans and rice (los angeles) skimmer
over hailey23 stripe dress
and the fabulous wild rose tattoo leggings (canada)
and just right for summer showers!
ciao milano rain jacket
vanite couture fun pleat pant

all for summer ~ all from new york
sophie  finzi cotton shirt
krazy larry seersucker pant
the best summer slicker from ubu 
and linen pant from banana blue!
gorgous heavy lace tunic from neesh
the most versatile skimmer textured tank dress from tees by tina
all from los angeles!
great summer lace dress from staples
mesh long cardi from comfy

sometimes a vest is the best!
yea (korea) vest over sophie finzi (new york) tank
a great slim skirt with fine mesh detail from planet (florida)
weston wear completely san francisco!
fabulous textures!
completely made and designed in chicago!
neesh makes looking good effortless!
more fun! more neesh!
gorgeous from japan-moyuru's easy cotton jumper
over perfect leggings from spirithouse (los angeles)
ioanna kourbela (greece) gorgeous cotton sweater
and the great neesh (chicago) layered skirt
make international relations ever so easy!
easy breezy summer looks!
alish d navy vee neck
fenini linen skirt
with this or any fun vest!
comfy goes all out for the fourth!
and tees by tina makes the perfect skirt!

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