Friday, November 7, 2014

just in for looking good this season!

pink feathery creation!
an amazing & nutty top from
  weston wear
over a glittery skirt from
 tees by tina
 more fun in a dress from
weston wear
the new and truly sophisticated 
navy/sage taffeta color combination from
sun kim 
over the perfect pant
the easiest, day to night tunic from
sun kim 
and crazy fun leggings from new to us
a lovely new designer from chicago
look good on the street in any city!
sun kim vest
 comfy mesh plaid 
weston wear pleather leggings
long sin kim jumper
comfy plaid mesh tee
perfect for work
perfect for travel
perfectly made for every occasion!
 a little attitude!
 vest and tee from
all over the perfect weston wear
pleather leggings
easy, lightweight knit from
 updated and sassy!
a tee and leggings from
weston wear
combining is so much fun!
sun kim taffeta short shrug
great jumper
 sophie finzi 
(arms covered  with sleevey wonders!)
memory taffeta shrug from sun kim
(little tunic and mesh jumper)
 make a statement!
comfy tee
m2 pant
looking good cannot be easier than this!
nutty and fun!
little puff balls on this pepaloves sweater from spain!
paire nicely with
a dutch skirt
 louie & lucie
truly cool cat print from
over that same louie & lucie skirt

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