Friday, February 27, 2015

new fabric from staples!

staples finds the best fabrics!
staples artfully mixes a grid pattern with a subtle stripe!
staples combines perfectly with the pink tees by tina dress and tees by tina black skirt

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

alashan cashmere dress toppers!

the super spring weight
cashmere dress topper from
alashan cashmere
in an amazing array of colors!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

color block and see u soon make spring a breeze!!!

little star print!
great for travel shirt
color block
in black and cream!

subtly color blocked sweater
color block!
made totally fashion forward for spring
jianhui london scarf/necklace!

navy works for spring!
color block sweater
the new equestrian crop print pant!

perfect little spring sweater!
color block does it in black and in cream too!

getting edgy without being black!
see u soon makes it happen!

black and white always works ~seriously always!
bella balou scarf~see u soon cotton sweater
the ever inspired print pant from krazy larry!

easy 100% cottonticking top
chartreuse and white slim pant
see u soon

Friday, February 20, 2015

stella carakasi vest three ways!

elegant soft linen for spring
stella carakasi
(closed with hidden buttons)
open and drape-y
stella carakasi
a third look
in the same vest
stella carakasi

Thursday, February 19, 2015

easy tops from ronen chen!!!

perfect drape!
perfect color!
ronen chen
rocks the look
over equally perfect pant
santa barabara's
equestrian design

a sophisticated take
in black crepe and chartreuse georgette
 ronen chen
krazy larry

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

summer dresses by ronen chen!!!

israeli designer
ronen chen
makes chic easy !

best little black dress
ronen chen

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

matti mamane goes red!

matti mamane
(and the versatile krazy larry pant!)
 cute from the front and the back!
this time in crisp cotton

cute coral dress from matti mamane!

great color and pattern
matti mamane
in the perfect tea length dress!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Friday, February 13, 2015

sandylew welcomes aimee g!!!

new to sandylew
we welcome designer aimee g
this gorgeous dress hugs curves in just the best way!

aimee g
 combines a jersey sleeve
with  an amazing woven print
for a dress that can float like this

ruche up like this!
sandy absolutely loves

aimee g
does a darling sundress!

very cool texture form aimee g
great jacket and 
fun , nutty pants!
 a garment that does tricks!!!

aimee g
does the tee shirt
 in a whole new way!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

first spring looks at sandylew! featuring:#blairstanley,#comfy,#sunkim,#krazylarry,#avivityitzar,#tulip,#staples,#lior,#sophiefinzi

new designer  to sandylew!
blair stanley
incredibly beautiful top
over any color for any event!
a new style from comfy!
easy long shirt!
comfy shrug 
jason dress
travel anywhere--everywhere!!
new tee with little pockets from comfy
(sandy loves the new comfy looks!)
best fitting krazy larry pants
lyrically black and white!
and all comfy!!!!
the great "lantern" dress
reimagined by comfy 
with a little open grid fabric for fun and attitude!
simple can be so chic!
comfy tee over comfy leggings!
really easy shrug in a crushed crepe de chine
a little jumper
all comfy!
three layers!
1. comfy shrug
2.comfy pointed tank
3.amazing staples dimensional flower skirt
this look will carry you so fashionably through spring !
the signature comfy  vest- 
in their new cruched crep de chine color-
sandy's favorite long jacket for any occasion
in a new fabric from comfy!
easy comfy shirting/tunic 
over very fun comfy leggings!
that same comfy fabric in a stylish top
krazy larry pants
pattern in black and white from comfy
easy, fun
tunic or top
either way!
gorgeous color from lior!
great for resort!
great for travel!
great for beach cover up!
or great at the movies!
more color from lior
tunic? top?
works both ways!
a little attitude from lior!

and don't forget the perfectly easy lior 
vee neck!
great for valentine's day!
fun black and white tops 
krazy larry crop patterned pants!
sandy loves these !!
sophie finzi understands the fun of dots!
a dress for travel and fun!
sophie finzi tunic and dot leggings
fun can be so easy, yes?!
sophie really hit the mark
with her
black and white looks for spring!
krazy larry
beautiful black and white dress 
sophie finzi
black and white
zig zag
from sophie!
black and white 
polka dot from sophie finzi!
and just to keep us on our toes~
aubergine from sophie
a stunning jacket from
anue ligne tank and krazy larry pant
amazing applied fabric flower fabric
simply put in to this chic top
staples' signature tunic/dress
this new and amazing fabric!
the fabulous signature sun kim vest and pant
in the new navy color
quite like casual suiting
great for office
great for meetings
(like meeting our girlfriends for lunch!)
tulip outdoes themselves with fabric combinations!
fun with buttons and fabric ~
that is the tulip signature for sure!

the perfect dress for the spring desert visit!
tulip has the easiest cotton for travel!

ticking strip in a shirt works!
from tulip

 and a slightly different style 
in the ticking stripe
avivit yitzar is fabulous this season!

fun shrug 
fun print tank
just plain fun from avivit yitzar
terrific top over krazy larry
or jeans 
or skirt
avivit yitzar knows how to make it work!
avivit masters the one size fits most top!

tulip tank
great by itself 
great for layering!
tulip fine tunes the sundress!
perfect for the tropical getaway!
avivit gives us a chance !
look good and feel good all at the same time!
avivit is so beautiful!
avivit is so yummy to wear!