Friday, October 16, 2015

new looks from spirithouse!

 perfectly put together at sandylew
xenia hat!
jianhui snood!
spirithouse top!

 the reverse to grey
in a sleeveless tunic!

 sandy's favorite
techno piece from spirithouse!
(she's probably wearing it right now!)

 perfect for any season!
perfect for every destination!
a long jacket/short dress

 beautiful wool blend knit polka dots
lovely attention to detail
just enough over stitching 
to make this piece out of the ordinary!

 fun and reversible
easy tee

 easy lightweight knit from spirithouse
amazing statement scarf from ulrike isensee!

 techno fabric rules!
perfect for travel everywhere!
sandy loves this very deep navy
from spirithouse!

always the best fabrics!
truly beautiful navy ponti!
fun tunic from spirithouse
beautiful navy techno fabric
gorgeous mesh turtleneck 
spirithouse makes looking good so easy!
(not to mention sandy's favorite krazy larry pant!)

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