Wednesday, December 28, 2016

new from comfy!

 when it's red
a tee is never just basic!
from comfy
drama two color wood neckwear from designs by sonia
hat by verloop

 the basic mad beautiful!
comfy top
italian neoprene neckwear by neo
hat by st honore privee

 color block in mesh!
beautiful concept 
from comfy
alisha d necklace
hat by hat stack

 fun pleating
in a comfy coat
hat by ariane lespire

 on its own
or as layering
this striped tunic
will get you anywhere!
wood/leather necklace from designs by sonia
hat by hat stack

great combination!
crepe de chine and modal
all comfy!
fun felted neckpiece
hat by verloop

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