Monday, November 27, 2017

new from comfy!

 sandy loves this "cisco" jacket from comfy!
flattering and versatile!
hat by ariane lespire

 the "lori" jumper 
black dots on red crinkle crepe de chine
fun fun fun!
jianhui necklace
hat by ariane lespire

 boyfriend jacket alert!
the "munich" jacket from comfy
yummy texture 
oddball stripe
hat by ariane lespire

 the beautiful "olivia" dress!
a comfy star!
this cowl neck can go over the shoulder too!
hat by ariane lespire

 sandy's favorite swing tee look!
"palm beach" top from comfy
princess seaming
chic raw edge neckline!
hat by complit

 comfy "paulina" tunic
yummy soft texture
hat by san diego hat company

 the comfy "reed" shirt
in print crepe de chine
makes looking good easy!
hat by ariane lespire

crinkle crepe de chine!
the "sally" shirt in print and brown
from comfy
so fun, so easy, so versatile
hat by complit

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