Wednesday, February 28, 2018

new from comfy!

 black and white makes us all so happy! 
this comfy "claire" shirt hits the spot!
paired with a jianhui necklace!

this is the best white shirt ever from comfy!
"claire" shirt with a great slightly gathered back yoke!
this combination of jianhui necklaces ties the look together!

 fun stripes in the diamond side tunic by comfy
paired with this fun yellow necklace from michaela malin!

fun stripe! 
easy drape! 
perfect from "jenny" tunic from comfy!
paired with a jianhui necklace

a tee that is much more special than the average bear girlfriends!
"jessie" tunic from comfy 
paired with the birds nest necklace from jianhui

sandy loves to live in the crunchy mesh cardigan from comfy
it looks good and sparks up every outfit! 
it is over easy liverpool stretch denim jeans and a yummy tees by tina tank
perfect with the monies wooden necklace!

random! print!
 "myriam" shirt by comfy
such fun with jianhui neckpiece!!!

this  boxy crinkle shirt from comfy is absolutely fun and forgiving!!
 just what sandy loves!!!!
paired here with a beautiful jianhui neckpiece ( like the one iris apfel wears!!)

fit and flare girlfriends!
totally fun stripes from in the "tokyo" shirt by comfy!
perfect with jianhui long neckpiece!

great for every trip! 
to italy! to the grocery! to the park! 
soft color way stripes from comfy in this "mary" tunic!
with a jianhui necklace

sandy loves the linear play of this crisp spring "cambridge" shirt from comfy! 
paired with a jianhui neckpiece

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

new from sun kim!

love this fun print in a sun kim legging! 

new polka dots and stripes from sun kim 
crunchy taffeta memory fabric
in the "boyfriend" jacket!
perfection -- no kidding! 

 iconic sun kim "manhattan" tunic!
iconic sandylew colors!
in becky stripe and chartreuse!

 easy and perfect "rebecca" tunic for every trip we take!
sun kim stretch jersey with just a little crepe de chine fun on the sides!

 sun kim's perfect light weight "washington" coat for spring!
taffeta memory fabric can be just the right combination of chic and cozy
in grape and plaid!

corrina's favorite cool new "nagoya" tunic from sun kim!
fabulous mixed fabric (taffeta memory and stretch jersey)
the diagonal zipper is divine!

Monday, February 26, 2018

new from comfy!

comfy delivers color for this spring top!
paired for fun with nutty staples pant and sun kim leggings
tomo's beautiful handmade silk flower necklace!

Friday, February 23, 2018

new from staples!

 just perfect from staples!
mixed fabrics (crepe bodice and chiffon sleeves)
make this easy with jeans during the day and lovely with any pant for evening!

 positively perky!
fun and easy!
darling floral dimensional appliques in white and black
simple, different, and fun!

sandy's favorite silk cowboy shirt!
looks darling and feels yummy!
perfect from staples!
sandy's favorite print for spring!
great colors in fell-good crepe
best shirt ever from staples!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

bernie rocks desigual!

our pal bernie rocks this just in look from desigual!!!! 
perfect spring sweater!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

new from petit pois!

 new print palm beach from petit pois
in the incredibly useful, versatile mesh tee
paired with sandy's favorite pant from staples!

 new palm beach print for spring from petit pois!
a beautiful long cardigan that just cleans us up and 
makes us ready to greet the world!

perfectly petit pois!
sandy is crazy about this cardigan!
so cute! gorgeous print! so pack-able!
beautiful to wear!
sandy loves this petit pois palm beach print!
so good in the flattering ruched tank!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

new from niche!

 in or out of town!
sunny in seattle or sunny in the desert!
easy and effortless from niche

 a great printed tank from niche!

such a great print!
such a great silhouette!
from niche
great colors! soft and easy! great shape!
all from the creative niche family!

Monday, February 19, 2018

new from ubu!

sandy loves this white patent raincoat with polka dot lining from ubu!

new from jason!

 we love the diagonal zipper on the
"alex" jacket from jason!

 great color, lovely silhouette
in the mila jacket from jason
this techno fabric wears so well and travels so easy!

 this "pauline" cowl neck top 
from jason is so fun in apple red!

iconic jason "st john" vest in chartreuse
fun to wear! great to pack!
easy techno fabric

Friday, February 16, 2018

new from damee!

damee's perfect spring/summer silhouette
terrific texture
easy fit