Tuesday, February 27, 2018

new from sun kim!

love this fun print in a sun kim legging! 

new polka dots and stripes from sun kim 
crunchy taffeta memory fabric
in the "boyfriend" jacket!
perfection -- no kidding! 

 iconic sun kim "manhattan" tunic!
iconic sandylew colors!
in becky stripe and chartreuse!

 easy and perfect "rebecca" tunic for every trip we take!
sun kim stretch jersey with just a little crepe de chine fun on the sides!

 sun kim's perfect light weight "washington" coat for spring!
taffeta memory fabric can be just the right combination of chic and cozy
in grape and plaid!

corrina's favorite cool new "nagoya" tunic from sun kim!
fabulous mixed fabric (taffeta memory and stretch jersey)
the diagonal zipper is divine!

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