Friday, March 30, 2018

new from desigual!

 colorful cotton/linen!
desigual! beautiful!
paired with a jianhui necklace to complete the look!

 choosing jersey for flow and fun from desigual!
amethyst  necklace from sandy's grrdog studio!

 slick for spring and summer in print jersey from desigual!
necklace from sandy's grrdog studio

great for spring and summer in jersey from desigual!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

new from comfy!

 a dress for total fun to wear alone or great to layer with a cardigan!
the "alana" dress from comfy in monaco print!
colorful resin necklace from micahela malin

 button front! button back!
chic coming and going!
stretch poplin "catherine" shirt from comfy in the becky stripe
necklace from sandy's grrdog studio

 crinkle mesh, perfect dress for this and every season!
"ester" tunic from comfy in the portofino print
jianhui necklace--wear it long or double it for fun!

 new "ivy" modal tunic with nifty front detail from comfy in palm beach red!
warm here with the perfect dongle necklace handmade by tomo!

 new print perfect in this comfy "long beach" tee! casual style made so easy in the jennifer print!
necklace from sandy's grrdog studio

 chic, easy and perfect for every day
lori striped "long beach" tee from comfy
great edgy rubber necklace from jianhui

 nothing works better than this crinkle mesh cardigan!
great print, perfect over every/any look!
necklace is onyx and jade from sandy's grrdog studio

 we love this remarkably useful modal "nancy" tunic from comfy!

 new print in the crinkle crepe de chine "sally" shirt from comfy
fabulous for every season!
monies necklace

 the "sally" shirt in crinkle crepe de chine from comfy!
easy fit, great look!
versatile black onyx and red jade necklace from sandy's grrdog studio

crinkle crepe de chine is a comfy standard!
new print in an iconic comfy "verona" vest make looking chic so easy!
paired with a jianhui necklace!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

new from alembika!

sandy loves this iteration of the ever so useful cardigan from alembika!
wear it over everything!
 the fun of over sized!
the fun of easy fit!
jianhui necklace

 greet the world in this gorgeous look from alembika!
show off your style girlfriend!
jianhui necklace

 gorgeous color!
great top from alembika!

 super chic
super easy 
from alembika
jianhui necklace

 very cool, literally!
fun dress from alembika
jianhui necklace

 fun stripes, easy silhouette in this alembika jersey tunic
michaela malin necklace
 soft and playful cardigan from alembika!
great with these liverpool jeans and comfy tee
jianhui necklace

chic silhouette in amazing fabric from alembika!
jianhui necklace

 out of the ordinary and totally fun from alembika!
fun and edgy necklace from jianhui

 white works!
gorgeous fabric, easy top from alembika

this cut out dress from alembika is a lot of fun!

absolutely fab from alembika!
go casual! go special event!
perfect for travel! just scrunch it up!
jianhui necklace

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

new from mode de vie!

easy over everything!
dress up! dress casual
from mode de vie
paired with a necklace from jianhui!

Friday, March 23, 2018

new from jason!

 fit, flare, and style!
beautifully done by jason
in lightweight techno fabric
luscious handmade necklace from tomo matsuno

slick silhouette from jason!
paired with a jianui necklace

Thursday, March 22, 2018

new from desigual!

 soft jersey with sparky print and beaded detail!
sleeveless and chic for summer from desigual

 subtly ribbed
deftly shaped 
from desigual
grrdog necklace
 softly ruched super fabric!
deft design from desigual
paired with a grrdog necklace!

 fun for sunny days!
great print and soft fabric
from desigual!

 the perfect vee neck for summer days!
mixed jersey and chiffon
from desigual

 soft summer sweater from desigual
see through to color!
michaela malin necklace

 sandy loves this colorful chiffon look from desigual!

sweater for spring and summer!
lovely, lightweight, and sparkly from desigual!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

new from baciano!

 jersey stripe and sheer overlay!
great cardigan for every day from baciano
put the edge right on this look with a jianhui necklace!

 very fun for everyday from baciano!
narrow horizontal stripe make the back fun too!
add some sparkle with a jianhui necklace!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

new from avivit yizhar!

this top from avivit yizhar has great shape and a fun print!
 3/4 sleeve fun script print and fit and flare from avivit yizhar!
michaela malin necklace for a pop of color

avivit yizhar creates a beautiful sleeveless jersey silhouette!
perfectly paired with michaela malin necklace

Monday, March 12, 2018

new from sun kim!

pattern pattern pattern!!!!
perfect possibilities!
sun kim boyfriend jacket in dots!!
annemieke broenink neckwear!
krazy larry pants!
fun fun fun!!!

Friday, March 9, 2018

new from krazy larry!

such versatile krazy larry  pants!!
cardi and tank~ sandy’s favorite!!
nothing fishy (face) here!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

new from ipng!

craaaaaazy fun! 
from ipng, turkey!
digital printing makes us happy!!!
new jianhui necklace!!

Monday, March 5, 2018

new from desigual!

new from desigual!
best mesh top for day or evening
fabulous with annemieke broenink necklace!