Wednesday, March 28, 2018

new from alembika!

sandy loves this iteration of the ever so useful cardigan from alembika!
wear it over everything!
 the fun of over sized!
the fun of easy fit!
jianhui necklace

 greet the world in this gorgeous look from alembika!
show off your style girlfriend!
jianhui necklace

 gorgeous color!
great top from alembika!

 super chic
super easy 
from alembika
jianhui necklace

 very cool, literally!
fun dress from alembika
jianhui necklace

 fun stripes, easy silhouette in this alembika jersey tunic
michaela malin necklace
 soft and playful cardigan from alembika!
great with these liverpool jeans and comfy tee
jianhui necklace

chic silhouette in amazing fabric from alembika!
jianhui necklace

 out of the ordinary and totally fun from alembika!
fun and edgy necklace from jianhui

 white works!
gorgeous fabric, easy top from alembika

this cut out dress from alembika is a lot of fun!

absolutely fab from alembika!
go casual! go special event!
perfect for travel! just scrunch it up!
jianhui necklace

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